Wednesday, October 28, 2009

NEIGHBOURS - 2nd Edition

At some point in time, 3 neighbours were found in a crime scene of inexplicable madness. The events are still under investigation in the spirit world, none of them able to rest until those events are resolved. The neighbours have been distorted and tweaked by the entities that possess them, stuck in their own realm. They are screaming for help and maybe your presence can help them be released.

who knows? Anything is possible on halloween...

This 31st of October Seditionaire invites you to join us in a paranormal experiment that is sure to shock the senses. In a world where madness and loneliness are heightened only by desperation, we open the door to the world beyond and attempt to make contact. Given the chance to tell their stories, will the souls condemned to linger here come forth? There is only one way to find out... and anyway, isn't it about time you got to know your Neighbours?

2014?2016 St. Laurent
October 31st
$5 to get out

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