Thursday, March 18, 2010

Seditionaire goes digital... First Person, that is!

NOTE: This the latest cut, and OFFICIAL TRAILER for Women on Top!

Directed by Lita Tresierra
Shot & Edited by Kenneth Leonard
Styling by Dang Trinh
Hair and Make-up by Rhiana Hogan

Well folks, after an arduous and valiant wait here is a taste of our next project, Women on Top. As you all well know, it has long been our mandate to incorporate other arts and disciplines such as fashion and technological arts into the theatre. After many collaborations with the likes of Montreal's Fashion Week and Fringe Festival, our latest projects bring us to collaborators with which we'd only ever dreamed. Women on Top is a project that celebrates women at every level, but in true seditionaire style, we've brought on lady collaborators from around the globe to help spice things up. Working with a local cast and crew, we have expanded our horizons by setting our sights on New York's Fashion Week, and beginning a collaboration with NYC based Irish fashion designer Daryl K and burgeoning Latin-American shoe label Dieppa Restrepo.

This year will prove to be a busy one for Seditionaire, as we embark on this project, we already have our next in line, an original production entitled Love Letters Lost. This project will bring on board true heroes as fellow collaborators, the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo. A live interactive show dealing with Argentina's Disappeared and the effects of the Dirty War, it will also help pave the way for our first feature project.

Speaking of firsts, we are happy to announce that we've applied to the First Person Digital grant sponsored by Studio XX and the NFB. A grant geared at exploring technological innovations in the staging of live theatre and film, it also aims to create more content for women and showcase some of the amazing talent the ladies of our city have to offer. Both our projects are up for this one, so cross your fingers for us, seditionairies! Once again, a huge thank you to all who helped on the shoot of this film, a very special thank you to Rhiana Hogan for the beautiful hair and make-up, and to Daryl K and Dieppa Restrepo for the fabulous clothes. Watch this space for more on Women on Top... First film of this series will be coming soon!!!

Your friendly neighbourhood Seditionaire


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Lydia said...

i'm excited, good luck!